Wednesday, June 20, 2012

James Update!

Stay tuned, hopefully very soon I am planning to get detailed into food reactions and helpful diets, but for now I must share...

James is doing great! We've known he was improving, but these last weeks have brought to light just how much better he really is, and we thank God for it.

Just a few comparisons--

Around last year at this time, he wouldn't go near the church during our children's Master Club program.  It was too loud and too scary, the public library was, too.

Last week we held our Vacation Bible School at church, and James surprised me by jumping right in and participating.  He went to class, played games, made crafts, ate his "special" snack alongside the other children at snack time, and even wanted to help lead the singing. 

During the summer a year ago, James would not get in the swimming pool.  Around the end of the season he would put his feet in for a little while, but that was it.

A few days ago he was in his Nana's pool with floaties swimming into the deep end.

His speech is wonderful, and his comprehension and expression are growing by leaps and bounds.  I asked him on Sunday, "Were you loud in Sunday School?" He eyed me for a minute, then said, "If I say yes, you can't spank me."  He proclaimed excitedly to the train conductor at the zoo that the man had two teeth, then when the man smiled and said, "Yep," James triumphantly shouted, "Three teeth! Mom, he's got three teeth!"

As I type tonight, James has talked Jim into reading him a book, and he is quietly listening and taking in all that he hears.  How I longed for that a few years ago.  Thank you Lord, for healing and hearing prayers.