Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Detox and the Dirty House


Detoxification and a dirty house...what in the world do these two have in common? As I pull worn out clothes from storage, books we no longer use, and old mail from hiding today, I am reminded of how very alike detoxification and cleaning out a home can be.

Detox was something I had heard of, but did not fully understand (nor did I try) until James' regression in health.  Surely it was something good--but really, what were those health guys and gals trying to say?  It took our family experiencing detox symptoms, aka Herxheimer reactions, to really understand the value of a good body cleanup.

Let me explain it in the manner that I see it: A Dirty House.  I can tell you, I've had some experience with this...more than I'd like to admit! When folks show up unexpectedly at my house, there's often a mad rush to put up and clean up as quickly as possible: make sure nothing's on the floor so we can move freely, close the doors to unsightly messes. 

This is similar to what your body does when it gets overwhelmed with things that are not beneficial to you=toxicity.  Ideally, when you touch, taste, smell something that is harmful to you, your body should put it in the "trash pile" and remove it by sweating, breathing, or one of its other elimination routes.  The problem is, we come into contact with way too much garbage these days.  Even worse than that, our "taking out the trash" abilities (detoxification system) have been either shut down or severely hindered by an inheritance of a broken pathway, or environmental factors that have affected your own.  Some of these toxins are found in: vaccinations, amalgams(silver fillings), personal care products, cleaners, processed/GMO foods, pesticides...and the list goes on.

So, back to our "dirty house" analogy.  As times go by, many things come into your home.  Just as mentioned above, you are sure to incur clothes that are grown into and out of, collect paperwork that you just aren't sure what to do with, etc. It takes constant sorting and decision-making to figure out what should be done with all the stuff that comes through.

Sometimes on a very hurried so-called "cleanup," I've shoved things in bags and put behind closed doors to be sorted through when company is gone.  And, sometimes, things get busy and it's difficult to take the time to go through those bags--your life is filled with other important things that must be attended to--the baggage will have to wait. 

Likewise, when we are constantly bombarded with toxic chemicals from many different sources our systems also get bogged down with the processes of the "sorting" and "getting rid of."  As our bodies get overwhelmed, it often reacts in a similar manner.  Grab what isn't beneficial, or what is in the way, and shove it...somewhere! That way we can continue at the speed of life we enjoy, and though bothersome, the baggage isn't really getting in our way. 

But is this really helping long-term? In our day-to-day life physical symptoms attributed to carrying around all of this garbage might appear as: fatigue, headaches, allergies, rashes, or all sorts of pain that weren't there before.  It will even build on "extra storage room" for the really toxic stuff--petrochemicals get pushed far away from vital organs into unsightly cellulite and are there encased to protect the individual. This allows a body to live as "well" as possible while holding detrimental products in limbo indefinitely. 

Vicious Cycle
Vicious Cycle by Rob Dobi
Indefinitely.  Then what? If this process is continued, the dirty house eventually gets full. There's no paths clear to remove the junk that has slowly and steadily filled the home.  Not only that, but the dirtiness and clutter brings in unwanted bugs (pathogens) that wreak even more havoc. That's when it becomes absolutely necessary to clean the dirty house before the mess causes more permanent problems.

Ever tried to have a birthday in a house filled to the top with junk? Bad idea!  Parties--good. Toxic homes--bad. One of the hardest things to understand when beginning to unravel and unload James' many reactions was why he would have such extreme reactions to healthy food!  Then we learned, just as you can't shove lots of folks into a non-functional home--you cannot give a lot of wonderful things to an extremely toxic person all at once... it must be gradual.  Detoxification can be a very delicate process, especially in a very sick person.  I've heard it compared to peeling the layers of an onion and dealing with each issue on every level.  Instead of approaching it methodically, maybe (like all of us) you'd like to get this thing over quickly.  You decide to burn all the junk rather than sort it and move it out safely. There is a great temptation to do everything at once, but attempting it risks causing inflammation or damage.

Sounds like fun!  Not always, and usually the very symptoms you'd like to avoid are increased during the process. This often results in a source of confusion and discouragement for a beginner.  Don't allow it! 

Think of the horrible closet that has the contents which you'd rather not deal with.  It becomes hard to close, so evidence of it holdings become more noticeable.  When you finally make the time to pull the junk out, there's no denying what's there...it's all over the place! As things are thrown away and others are filed, however, the mess from that closet decreases. 

This is what occurs as the body detoxes--it actually deals with a problem rather than masking it. Even though you may look worse on the outside for a bit, you will get better! Just as the mess from the closet was removed,  the symptoms from the issues and/or infections being addressed at that time will diminish.

The best part of detoxification is the gratification of seeing what happens as the home, or the body, begins to clean out and operate as was originally intended.  Have I seen it?  You bet! My recovered, once-autistic son has gone through this process for the last three years.  It's been a horrible, terrible, wonderful thing to watch, all according to which day it was.  It was not easy, but it was so worth it! Besides getting our son back, it gave our whole family a lesson in the value of handling illnesses and health correctly.

Something else to rejoice in-- The house was made by man, but the man was made by God! Our fearfully and wonderfully-made bodies were created to heal!

Begin cleaning your "house" and live for His Glory today!

Blessings, Kim Housley

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

TJ Mag Article!

In case you haven't seen it--my son, James, was featured in the March issue of our local TJMag on page 68! Take time to read it!


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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Essential oil training from His Oils - Your Health

The things that were of most importance when making the change from OTC meds and prescription drugs to essential oils.  I talk about the reason why it was necessary for our family to make the switch, and how it can benefit the health of yours.  Blessings!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

That Awful "M" Word... A New View on the MLM

Multi-level marketing...MLM.  It will turn people's stomachs in a heart beat--crunch their faces with looks of disgust in no time flat! But, what does it really mean to be a "Multi-level marketer?"

MLM simply defines the way a business is organized. The company founder decides at its initiation how it's to be put together: who will "advertise", how it will distribute, and who will be rewarded based on these things.  MLM businesses are not all created equal--you can't judge one by another.  It's like assuming all churches are the same.

Why then, do MLM companies get such a bad rap? The overanxious, overzealous, money-signs-in-the-eyes, "I-can-make-you-rich-if-you-join me" folks may be the reason.  I should know--I was one! I wanted badly to be at home full-time with my children at around my second child (I have four) and saw the opportunity through one of these companies...I am afraid I "mowed over" a few people in the process.  In fact, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit months later to go back and apologize to a couple of them.  No wonder some would rather hide than to talk to a MLM business owner!


I've had to sort out my way of thinking by the Lord's guidance, through experiences that He has allowed in our family.  My views have flipped on vaccines, immunity, prescription medicine, diet--you name it, we've changed it! And what's more, we've seen some wonderful things take place as a result!

Did I look to "get involved" with another multi-level business? No. In fact--I was cautioned by my husband not to in the beginning.  However, when we saw what a change occurred in our autistic son (recovered, praise God! Not just oils--refer to earlier blogs) because of using the essential oils, I wanted to invite a knowledgeable oiler to talk about what she knew, and invite all my mama friends to hear.  I needed them to have what I had to help their children, if they so chose.  When some of my friends wanted to enroll after learning, I approached Jim, and we decided that it would help with the cost of the oils we needed for James.  He told me it would be fine if they enrolled with me.  I was blessed with help because I shared something of great value to me.

Courtesy of Dolf Cheng

Back to the MLM controversy.  I have a different view of this configuration today, and it is beautiful when used in the right manner.  Let me list a few reasons that I think an MLM is superior to a "regular" job.

1. Accountability: There is a direct connection between the "advertiser" and the purchaser.  If I represent a line of goods that are substandard, people will realize it and come back to me.  When I buy something at a store, I never "see" the company that sold it.  If it is low quality, most likely I won't buy it again, but that's about all.  Direct selling keeps it honest.  If you build a big business based on faulty products and promises, soon there is no business at all.

2. Advertising: How many ads, commercials, billboards, on-line pop-ups do you see for your favorite products? Have you realized how much they pay those celebrities to drink milk? (...that is slowly poisoning you, by the way--see earlier posts!)  MLM companies leave their advertising to their distributors--they rely on word of mouth to promote their wares.  Instead of shelling out big bucks to agencies they put that money toward their "advertisers"...their distributors.  Again, this is a pretty good reason to be trustworthy and have a great product.

3. Alliteration: I am a preacher's wife...can you tell? :)

4. Advancement: This is where a lot of folks get hung up.  They think that one person tells a few and then sits back and watches money roll in from all the underlings.  That may be true for a pyramid scheme, but not so for multi-level marketing.  Your business is what you make of it.  If you try to coast along and watch others work for your money in this deal it won't happen.  Hard workers can, have, and will surpass their upline in rank.  That inability to surpass your bosses is illustrated more like this:

(I know, it grosses me out, too. But it really drives the point home.)

5. Availability: To live your own life, I mean.  When you work in a "regular" job at a lower level, your are pretty much at the mercy of the company as to when and how long you work, not to mention how much you get paid.  Waiting for position advancement sometimes can be pretty tiresome.  If you are a business owner, you have other individuals depending on you for their income--so often you have long hours and bear a weight that keeps you from the free time you desire.  In MLM, like I said, your business is what you make of it.  You can advance more quickly with more interaction, more learning, more activity, but you can also take time out when you need to--it is your right and you have that ability.  I am able to stop everything for family, church, homeschool events.  I can interact with people in my timing--and I love it.

She loves it?! The MLM?!? Yes, I do.  What I do now, when I am doing what the Lord wants--is sharing what was needful for us, then watching others' lives change for the better when they do the same.  Guess what? There are other products that I share, too! And I don't make any money from them! My guess is, you do the same.  You tell about a new restaurant you found, a new book that you love, and never have a second thought.  When I receive from spending time with others, instructing and assisting, it is a gift.  I am rewarded for sharing, and gain even when others I have shared with, share themselves.  Get it? Sounds vaguely like a system my Father worked out a long time ago: no matter who sows, waters, or reaps, it is added to your account. 

To wrap this thing up, just as shown in the picture above, I may be weird in so many ways, but I am confident in them! Call me an anti-vaxxer, a homeschooling mom, a tree-hugging oiler, a multi-level marketer, and, yes, by all means....call me a Christian--I pray that I have given you reason!

By the way, if you don't know where you will spend eternity, you can settle it! Please contact me for answers and a peace that you'll never regret!

"These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God."  1 John 5:13

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Essential Oils!?...Follow Me!

Come, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow me.

My husband, Jim, and I, were old hat at this—we had two children, two years apart, just four years earlier.  But neither had prepared us for James. 
James was… well, he was different.  He was born with a heart murmur and an ear tag, and diagnosed with an inguinal hernia at three-months-old.  He had ear infections and countless rounds of antibiotics.  At three months, I didn’t want shots; at almost four months, I knew he shouldn’t have them.  I listened to Man (doctor) rather than God and went against my “gut” (the Holy Spirit).  I have no doubt he acquired damage at the appointment when I couldn’t shake that undeniable feeling of doom, but followed instead the advice of a caregiver who told me that I wasn’t, “that ignorant”, and that my other two children had, “turned out o.k.”

As a child I developed a particular baby tooth, but had no permanent one beneath.  When my one-and-only cavity in this tooth was discovered, it was decided to fill and crown it rather than remove it.  This tooth leached metallic infection for several years, and was finally pulled right before I became pregnant with my third child, James.

RUG REMOVAL                              
At two-and-a-half years old, we knew something was wrong.  James drank around one-half of a gallon of raw milk a day and hardly ate anything.  His speech was slow, his understanding off, and, though he was often the life of a party, (we called him ‘fun Jamesy’) he was becoming increasingly difficult to control.  We reasoned that his inattention must be due to his hearing. In a last ditch effort, Jim and I sent our boy for tubes. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back as they say, or in reality, that broke his back then stomped him into the ground.  We saw hand-flapping, hand-spinning, and toe-walking emerging in our precious son, in addition to running away looking as if he’d never known us.  We didn’t need a doctor to give us a behavior-based diagnosis we could see for ourselves, and worked quickly to learn as much as we could and keep our feet on solid ground.

 Jim and I both have saving faith in Jesus Christ.  We’d gone to God for spiritual matters and had always had a supporting and loving Father meet our needs.  My world came crashing down around me as I struggled with the fact that I had caused my priceless son harm.  All this because I had not prayed about the information that the world had provided about health, I just accepted it. It wasn’t hard to research and figure out: yes, amalgam fillings are poisoning a great number of the population in the U.S., and, no, vaccinations are not safe—they are full of toxic substances that are dangerous to each and every individual.  Did it take long? No. Did I have to look? Yes, I did…and I didn’t bother until it was too late.

Whither should I follow…?

I wanted a miracle, a magic bullet, a definite strategy for pulling James out of his current state of malfunction.  We used therapies and healing diets that advanced his health significantly, but promptly found that prescriptions and over-the-counters weren’t going to cut it for him. I called him the multiple-toxicity-reactor: he responded severely to almost any medication we tried.  It was crucial in my eyes to find some other way to meet his needs.

I’d been introduced to essential oils a few years before. I thought it was exciting the time that I used them to avoid the flu when all the rest of my household became ill.  I loved how nice they smelled when cleaning with them, or when I placed a few drops on my AC air filters.  They were a novelty, something to play with—we still stuck with doctor visits and antibiotics for any “real” sickness.

When we began hitting a brick wall using drugs with James, the Lord reminded me of my oils.  I redirected my research and found mamas who had used essential oils to recover their children from the autism diagnosis—I was inspired!  Dusting off my Essential Oils Desk Reference from a few years back, I eagerly looked into different conditions, studied through numerous websites, and asked endless questions in Facebook groups to see where to begin.

Exciting things can happen when using God’s medicine produced specifically for healing his created beings.  The best way that I can think of to describe essential oils in comparison to man-made meds is the difference between how a dad handles a situation versus a mama. 

A young child is pushed down on the gravel by his buddy, leaving him bruised, bleeding, and heartbroken.  His Pop stands him up, inspects for damages, and seeing none gruffly says, “Go on, boy, shake it off—you’re fine.” (Or so it happens in East Texas.) His major problem is solved—the boy is up and going again, but he’s likely worse for the wear.   His Mama, on the other hand, cleans any cuts, wipes away tears, finds out why the boy’s friend has pushed him down, and helps him reconcile.  She solves the son’s troubles in multiple ways, and repairs issues that others may not have realized existed. 

Man-made chemicals target one problem, and are generally a mimic of one major component found to be effective in plants.   They are then changed slightly to be patented for the ultimate goal of making lots (and lots) of money. 
Essential oils are a whole form of healing containing countless different constituents to restore on many levels, and can’t be patented because they are diverse according to season, sunshine, rain, and so on.  Compounds that make up an essential oil work synergistically.  They are like the perfect Tetris piece, filling many important deficiencies all at the same time.
A word of caution here—there’s no regulation at this time on essential oils.  Actual unadulterated essential oils on the market are only estimated at a little over 2 percent.  I was thankful to learn that my company guarantees their oils from seed, including the ground purity, all the way to the packaging as they are sealed in the bottle.  Signs of contaminated oils include: storage in clear or plastic containers, warnings not to ingest, and presence of an expiration date.  Oils are diluted with harmful chemicals—and I’ve never found an untainted one (regardless of label) even at the best health food stores.  Essential oils are capable of driving substances in at a cellular level.  Our kids don’t need any more toxicity…please; make sure you research for pureness.

Oils increase your health electrically.  A healthy human body measures at about 68 Megahertz, until it is affected by a cold or flu which brings it down to approximately 58 Mhz.  From candida infection, to mononucleosis, to a cancer diagnosis it decreases consistently, and at 25 Mhz your body begins to die.  I was excited to understand that dry and fresh herbs measure from 12-27 Mhz, while living essential oils range from 52-320 Mhz.  Just inhaling any of these oils will increase your frequency.  In fact, the highest measuring oil at the 320 Mhz mark is the rose—so it really does you well to stop and smell the roses!

Over the years of our using essential oils, my family knows which to choose for various situations.  I overheard my 10-year-old daughter giving instruction to an adult on how to apply one of the oils just a few days ago.  There’s a learning curve for a new oiler, but once you get the feel for it there’s no turning back!

When my eyes were twitching, my mind was racing, and I couldn’t sleep in the early days of James’ regression, Frankincense leveled my stress response.  The first time I gave him the digestive enzymes that included Peppermint oil, my little guy with such gastrointestinal problems cleaned out my dishwasher for me—he felt that much better.  As we came down with colds, stomach bugs, bites, burns, bruises, scrapes, pain, you name it— all were treated successfully with our set of oils. 
As I added to my collection grounding oils more specifically geared toward brain trauma, I saw a change in James’ demeanor.  He was more laid back, easier to laugh and smile. My very favorite story is the point when I began using Vetiver and an oil blend called Valor with James.  I rubbed them on his feet after he went to bed, and he woke up unusually pleasant.  Before this time he wrote consistently backwards, but I noticed the first day post oil application that James was writing forward.  During a two week span I forgot to apply the oils three times, and on each of the days following he wrote backward again.  I think this was God’s way of showing me we were on the right track, and that what He had provided was something very special.

…follow me!

Thankfully, I can report that things have leveled and James is progressing well!  We are using our oils and pouring the best nutrition possible into James—especially cultured a2 beta-casein dairy; we try to make each day count.  We haven’t been to an MD in over two years—essential oils have been a major addition for the empowerment and health of my family.  I’m confident that God will guide our steps through the rest of this healing journey; we just have to follow Him.


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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Give It a Name!

Here's some food for thought--these are a few of the things that doctors have been sincerely wrong about throughout this experience.  This is not to point fingers, and I won't use names just for this purpose, but I'd like to give some examples to help you understand that your doctor is 100% man, O% God, and may not always know what's best for you or your family.

Pediatrician: "Your other kids were ok with immunizations, James will be, too." (Dr. Kenneth Bock taught me otherwise, by the way.)

OB/Gyn: "It will be ok to nurse your newborn baby while you receive strong IV antibiotics."

When we understood that the problems James was having were associated with autism, we wasted no time and located a DAN! doctor who could help us. The pediatrician I switched to, so as to avoid conflict about shots, was insulted when she found out we had "diagnosed" him ourselves and had taken matters into our own hands. She argued and said:

2nd Pediatrician:"I thought we had decided this was just speech delay."

She looked up the doctor that Jim and I had chosen on the internet and voiced her concern about her--that our DAN! doctor was only an MD and that she would have referred us to someone else. (We still stand by our decision, by the way.) This put some discomfort in our relationship, but we hung with her a little longer. 

James had a bout of strep throat around this time, and was prescribed a first generation antibiotic that had no effect.  I took him back to the same doctor who ran a CBC (complete blood count).  She concluded from the results that the antibiotic was working, and that his 103-104 degree temperature was from a secondary viral infection that would have to run its course.  I asked for a copy of the CBC.  The white blood cell differential didn't point toward a viral shift, instead it reported an increased monocyte count which indicated high inflammation, and still contained a high neutrophil count, which showed that the bacterial strep infection was still present.  I called the doctor's office when I arrived at home and explained my concerns, but was met with a cold reply from the doctor through the nurse that it was a viral infection that would have to run its course. 

The next day I made an appointment with another pediatrician in another practice.  I took James to see her, and she immediately showed me his throat, which looked like the inside of a pomegranate. She prescribed a stronger antibiotic which finally gave us relief.  This pediatrician wanted records from the blood count the doctor had taken just a few months previous because she was concerned at the amount of inflammation shown in the CBC. (Now we were on the right track!)  But, when she spoke to the autism coordinator at  office who told her he had stomach trouble, she was upset.  She said, "She just told me he had stomach trouble...you have to give it a name!" Which translates, "If you don't give it a diagnosis, you can't give treat it with a prescription."

This doctor was better, but couldn't understand the testing that had been performed on James which included genetic testing (I'll address that in another post), and she didn't try to understand.  She was very upset about the size of James' belly, which protruded way past his shorts at the time.  (Any of you gut-kids' mamas relate?) She referred us immediately to a specialist at Texas Children's in Houston, who even made a special appointment to see us. 

By the time we went to the appointment at Houston, we were through with the antibiotics and in much better shape.  The doctor there was very thorough and listened to us.  Her recommendations were for us to perform some parasite tests on James (good idea, but testing methods were bad), and perhaps a sonogram of his belly if nothing was found.  She emphasized that they couldn't really know for sure why these little guys had trouble, and one of her main hypotheses was that a lot of kids swallowed air. (What?!?)

These were the very rocky beginnings of our journey, and boy, am I glad we are through it! I haven't had to touch antibiotics with a ten-foot pole since we removed inflammatory foods from James' diet and put essential oil use into practice, and I plan not to if at all possible.  Antibiotics/medications played a major role in getting our family in this position.

I have learned that the Great Physician, Jehovah-rapha, is the one and only perfect Doctor.  God is the one who can direct you where you should go for your health needs, or who can heal you Himself with no intermediate if He chooses. He has done an amazing job of guiding us where we need to be, not to mention of healing my boy.

My qualities to look for in a doctor:

Good doctors listen to parents and their concerns. It has become almost humorous to me to realize that I am with my kids most all of the time, yet I once thought that I could go into a examination room and the doctor who examined my child for 5 minutes would know more about the them than I did.  Don't forget: mamas know.

Good doctors treat underlying problems rather than symptoms. There are doctors who will prescribe medication based on symptoms, rather than providing what the body needs to heal at the root cause.  It seems as if doctors who know anything about the processes and factors of disease are becoming few and far between, but they are still out there.  These doctors will be busy because they provide patients with real results.  Just remember--no one has ever had a drug deficiency. 

Good doctors understand that all symptoms are related.  We have become a society of specialities, and there is a good reason for that.  There is much information regarding all of the different body systems and organs--to know every bit about each one would be overwhelming.  But, to be specialized in say, the heart, and not have a working knowledge of the body as a whole is a huge disservice to the patient.  Our bodies were, "fearfully and wonderfully made," (Psalm 139:14) and all the parts and pieces are intricately woven and work together.  When one part isn't working right, you can bet its malfunction is effecting the whole body.

Good doctors can say I DON'T KNOW  just like good people in all walks of life.  Pride is a serious thing.  To know there is a problem is wonderful.  To not know how to deal with it is fine, as long as there is a search for the solution.  To name an illness just for the sake of prescribing a medication is unacceptable.

And last but not least--and I had this happen just a few weeks ago...

Good doctors tell you you'll be much healthier staying away from doctors.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wanderings: A Grocery List

I was having a back and forth conversation on Facebook with a few sweet friends, and one of them asked what my grocery list is every week. It so happened that she caught me just as I was arriving home from the grocery store, so I decided to oblige the request.  For good or for bad, here it is:

--These are for chicken (bone broth) soup.
Romaine Lettuce--(extra for lettuce wraps)
Granny Smith apples
--These are for juicing.  Often I add the pulp from the kale into the broth. Sometimes we add celery to the juicer, and cucumber.
Asparagus (on sale!)--great for raising glutathione levels
Zucchini (this one was not organic--is likely to be GMO--many squashes are.)
Cauliflower (for 'rice')
Parsnips and Turnips--these are both very starchy, but I decided to get them, anyway, this time.  --James only gets a little parsnip, a little more turnip, though it has a high sulfur content.
Potatoes--when Jim requests something I am happy to get it.  The young kids and I can't tolerate potato right now.
Ham--What can I say? You caught me.  Jim did ask for ham, and, again, the little ones and I can't handle it.  I don't like to get pork...Jordan Rubin has convinced me that it's not beneficial, and Dr. Morgan taught me that it has no life-giving frequency...it's a dead food.  I am living under grace and not the law now, however, and our diet is waaaaay better than it was four years ago.
Gluten Free Pasta-- I'm sure it's terrible for you, and probably has GMO corn in it.  HEB brand.
Bertolli Organic Spaghetti Sauce--for this I can say that it's in a jar, which is better than a can, but there's still so much wrong here.  Anyway, it's an easy meal for the ones in our home who can eat it.

I get chicken through a co-op with Fran's Fryers, of which I am very thankful.  James has reactions to even the store-bought organic chicken (I'm sure it's what they preserve it in) but does fine with Fran's.  We also have a stash of organic homegrown purple-hull peas in our freezer from our garden from last year.

I think that's it...and it's definitely not a week, but it's what I came home with in the amount of time I had to shop by myself today.  It is all bought organic unless it's not available.  I have a habit of soaking meats/vegetables/fruits in MMS.  I've even been known to add it to a gluten free muffin mix on occasion.  In the next few days, I will go to get my Celtic Sea Salt and Organic Coconut Oil from the Granary, and most likely--against my better judgment--my big kids will talk me into buying them Udi's blueberry muffins for breakfast.