Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wanderings: A Grocery List

I was having a back and forth conversation on Facebook with a few sweet friends, and one of them asked what my grocery list is every week. It so happened that she caught me just as I was arriving home from the grocery store, so I decided to oblige the request.  For good or for bad, here it is:

--These are for chicken (bone broth) soup.
Romaine Lettuce--(extra for lettuce wraps)
Granny Smith apples
--These are for juicing.  Often I add the pulp from the kale into the broth. Sometimes we add celery to the juicer, and cucumber.
Asparagus (on sale!)--great for raising glutathione levels
Zucchini (this one was not organic--is likely to be GMO--many squashes are.)
Cauliflower (for 'rice')
Parsnips and Turnips--these are both very starchy, but I decided to get them, anyway, this time.  --James only gets a little parsnip, a little more turnip, though it has a high sulfur content.
Potatoes--when Jim requests something I am happy to get it.  The young kids and I can't tolerate potato right now.
Ham--What can I say? You caught me.  Jim did ask for ham, and, again, the little ones and I can't handle it.  I don't like to get pork...Jordan Rubin has convinced me that it's not beneficial, and Dr. Morgan taught me that it has no life-giving frequency...it's a dead food.  I am living under grace and not the law now, however, and our diet is waaaaay better than it was four years ago.
Gluten Free Pasta-- I'm sure it's terrible for you, and probably has GMO corn in it.  HEB brand.
Bertolli Organic Spaghetti Sauce--for this I can say that it's in a jar, which is better than a can, but there's still so much wrong here.  Anyway, it's an easy meal for the ones in our home who can eat it.

I get chicken through a co-op with Fran's Fryers, of which I am very thankful.  James has reactions to even the store-bought organic chicken (I'm sure it's what they preserve it in) but does fine with Fran's.  We also have a stash of organic homegrown purple-hull peas in our freezer from our garden from last year.

I think that's it...and it's definitely not a week, but it's what I came home with in the amount of time I had to shop by myself today.  It is all bought organic unless it's not available.  I have a habit of soaking meats/vegetables/fruits in MMS.  I've even been known to add it to a gluten free muffin mix on occasion.  In the next few days, I will go to get my Celtic Sea Salt and Organic Coconut Oil from the Granary, and most likely--against my better judgment--my big kids will talk me into buying them Udi's blueberry muffins for breakfast.

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