Monday, October 22, 2012

To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate-My Thoughts

It has been a while since I have written, and I apologize to the couple of people that were looking for this post. 

Several months ago I may have told you that you should make that decision yourself (and you should) about what was right for your family, but that my family was not healthy enough to receive shots--that's a fact, no doubt in my mind.  I might have been a little embarassed and maybe even apologetic of the reality that we were unable to participate in "the system."

I'm glad I waited to write!  Now I am settled to say that we should have never ever allowed a shot for any of our children, that they played a big part in the decline of our health, and would advise you to still make your own informed decision: investigate, research, and pray!  This may be a hugely accepted practice, but hugely accepted practices don't always turn out to be as good as their cracked up to be.

(This is a short list...)

I realized not to long ago that I was given an opportunity to LOOK INTO the vaccination debate before our injuries.  Just as the Lord has brought treatment and direction through people who are in my life, or who are just passing through (missionaries, evangelists, etc.) He used several individuals to show me that there was smoke, and if I would have just taken a little time, I would have seen a raging fire. 

I realized it was fear that kept me from looking--I hoped that we'd be "okay"...ignorance is bliss, right?  I know now that if something comes up, especially more than once--if it is in my thoughts and is a burden to my heart, it's a sure sign that I should LOOK and LISTEN! 

I say the ingredients listed in the picture above are dangerous--you say a small amount surely won't hurt.  I say, on this side of vaccine and metal injury, that tiny amounts can make huge differences.  They are synergistic--toxicity value goes sky high on multiple assaults to the immune system.  Immune response depends upon the specific health of the individual, and their ability to detoxify, or "take out the trash"--which is a value that can't be seen.  Is your child's methylation system, their ability to detoxify, in tip-top shape, or is their cup loaded and full: just on the brink of spilling?  All it might take for loss of language, eye contact, mobility, HEALTH, etc. would be one more shot to "boost their immunity" at a well-check up visit.  Have they had a reaction to an immunization before? You are surely asking for trouble by getting another.

Take another look at those ingredients--did you know all of that was in there?  Look at the human diploid cells, proteins from aborted fetal tissue.  Did you understand that they contained it?

Did you know that package inserts for the DTP have warnings of autism (among others) as an "adverse event" of the shot?

There is so much information out there confirming the truth.  Look at and if you need scientific studies to convince you.

More than anything, listen to mothers who have experienced vaccination injury firsthand.  They are all around you.  If you need to speak with any, contact me.  I know several who would set aside their busy schedule of biomedical testing, supplement giving, bath/sauna detoxing, special-diet preparing, healing modality researching, etc, to tell you how their children changed and how their lives turned upside down as a result.

Remember--where there's smoke, there's fire.