Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Detox and the Dirty House


Detoxification and a dirty house...what in the world do these two have in common? As I pull worn out clothes from storage, books we no longer use, and old mail from hiding today, I am reminded of how very alike detoxification and cleaning out a home can be.

Detox was something I had heard of, but did not fully understand (nor did I try) until James' regression in health.  Surely it was something good--but really, what were those health guys and gals trying to say?  It took our family experiencing detox symptoms, aka Herxheimer reactions, to really understand the value of a good body cleanup.

Let me explain it in the manner that I see it: A Dirty House.  I can tell you, I've had some experience with this...more than I'd like to admit! When folks show up unexpectedly at my house, there's often a mad rush to put up and clean up as quickly as possible: make sure nothing's on the floor so we can move freely, close the doors to unsightly messes. 

This is similar to what your body does when it gets overwhelmed with things that are not beneficial to you=toxicity.  Ideally, when you touch, taste, smell something that is harmful to you, your body should put it in the "trash pile" and remove it by sweating, breathing, or one of its other elimination routes.  The problem is, we come into contact with way too much garbage these days.  Even worse than that, our "taking out the trash" abilities (detoxification system) have been either shut down or severely hindered by an inheritance of a broken pathway, or environmental factors that have affected your own.  Some of these toxins are found in: vaccinations, amalgams(silver fillings), personal care products, cleaners, processed/GMO foods, pesticides...and the list goes on.

So, back to our "dirty house" analogy.  As times go by, many things come into your home.  Just as mentioned above, you are sure to incur clothes that are grown into and out of, collect paperwork that you just aren't sure what to do with, etc. It takes constant sorting and decision-making to figure out what should be done with all the stuff that comes through.

Sometimes on a very hurried so-called "cleanup," I've shoved things in bags and put behind closed doors to be sorted through when company is gone.  And, sometimes, things get busy and it's difficult to take the time to go through those bags--your life is filled with other important things that must be attended to--the baggage will have to wait. 

Likewise, when we are constantly bombarded with toxic chemicals from many different sources our systems also get bogged down with the processes of the "sorting" and "getting rid of."  As our bodies get overwhelmed, it often reacts in a similar manner.  Grab what isn't beneficial, or what is in the way, and shove it...somewhere! That way we can continue at the speed of life we enjoy, and though bothersome, the baggage isn't really getting in our way. 

But is this really helping long-term? In our day-to-day life physical symptoms attributed to carrying around all of this garbage might appear as: fatigue, headaches, allergies, rashes, or all sorts of pain that weren't there before.  It will even build on "extra storage room" for the really toxic stuff--petrochemicals get pushed far away from vital organs into unsightly cellulite and are there encased to protect the individual. This allows a body to live as "well" as possible while holding detrimental products in limbo indefinitely. 

Vicious Cycle
Vicious Cycle by Rob Dobi
Indefinitely.  Then what? If this process is continued, the dirty house eventually gets full. There's no paths clear to remove the junk that has slowly and steadily filled the home.  Not only that, but the dirtiness and clutter brings in unwanted bugs (pathogens) that wreak even more havoc. That's when it becomes absolutely necessary to clean the dirty house before the mess causes more permanent problems.

Ever tried to have a birthday in a house filled to the top with junk? Bad idea!  Parties--good. Toxic homes--bad. One of the hardest things to understand when beginning to unravel and unload James' many reactions was why he would have such extreme reactions to healthy food!  Then we learned, just as you can't shove lots of folks into a non-functional home--you cannot give a lot of wonderful things to an extremely toxic person all at once... it must be gradual.  Detoxification can be a very delicate process, especially in a very sick person.  I've heard it compared to peeling the layers of an onion and dealing with each issue on every level.  Instead of approaching it methodically, maybe (like all of us) you'd like to get this thing over quickly.  You decide to burn all the junk rather than sort it and move it out safely. There is a great temptation to do everything at once, but attempting it risks causing inflammation or damage.

Sounds like fun!  Not always, and usually the very symptoms you'd like to avoid are increased during the process. This often results in a source of confusion and discouragement for a beginner.  Don't allow it! 

Think of the horrible closet that has the contents which you'd rather not deal with.  It becomes hard to close, so evidence of it holdings become more noticeable.  When you finally make the time to pull the junk out, there's no denying what's there...it's all over the place! As things are thrown away and others are filed, however, the mess from that closet decreases. 

This is what occurs as the body detoxes--it actually deals with a problem rather than masking it. Even though you may look worse on the outside for a bit, you will get better! Just as the mess from the closet was removed,  the symptoms from the issues and/or infections being addressed at that time will diminish.

The best part of detoxification is the gratification of seeing what happens as the home, or the body, begins to clean out and operate as was originally intended.  Have I seen it?  You bet! My recovered, once-autistic son has gone through this process for the last three years.  It's been a horrible, terrible, wonderful thing to watch, all according to which day it was.  It was not easy, but it was so worth it! Besides getting our son back, it gave our whole family a lesson in the value of handling illnesses and health correctly.

Something else to rejoice in-- The house was made by man, but the man was made by God! Our fearfully and wonderfully-made bodies were created to heal!

Begin cleaning your "house" and live for His Glory today!

Blessings, Kim Housley

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

TJ Mag Article!

In case you haven't seen it--my son, James, was featured in the March issue of our local TJMag on page 68! Take time to read it!


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